May 29, 2017


Bruno Mars is one of the world’s biggest music stars and he’s one of the most driven people we’ve ever seen. Just 31, he’s the product of what he calls a “school of rock” education — a working class life of experiences that have taught him the music business. None of it came easily. He’s been broke, busted and nearly homeless. But last week, following the concert of his album 24K MAGIC in Oslo, he’s on top of the music world.

Last month i received a message from my husband:
– ” Guess who’s gonna come to Oslo next month ?
– I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ .Tell me !!
– Bruno Mars is having concert on 24th of may.
– I hope 🤞 you’re not messing with me cause his music 🎶 I listen everytime early mornings on my way to work.
– We need to buy tickets ASAP.”

And so we did.It was a show I didn’t wanna miss.And it didn’t disappoint us.He really cares about what people see. You can see he´s working hard for this,paying attention to the details of his art. And he cares so much about what his wearing, about how his moving, about how his making the audience feel,you see it in the choreography on stage and hear it in the songs themselves,that’s what I like and admire.

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