Ultimate liquid foundation guide

January 13, 2015
Ultimate liquid foundation guide

Hi everyone.Hope you all doing well.

I post recently on instagram a picture with these 3 foundations.A Bobby Brown,Estee Lauder and a Mac foundation and yes we will talk about these in this blog post.

Having flawless skin is something that we all girls aim for,but it’s not the easiest thing to achieve.
At the moment i have about 6 types of foundations because my skin changes all the time,sometimes i have dry,sometimes i have normal combination,sometimes i need full coverage,sometimes i don´t.

In order to choose the perfect foundation, you need to carefully assess your skin in order to determine which qualities in a foundation are the most important to you.

If you’re dry, choose a liquid or hydrating powder.Liquids and sticks both have a creamy (moisturizing) consistency, and hydrating powders are blended with ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin and offer more coverage than regular pressed powders.Look for clues like “compact makeup” or “foundation” on the product packaging.(Clinique Supermoisture Makeup).
If your skin is oily, use oil-free liquid or powder foundation.They contain powders that absorb oil, leaving you with a matte, smooth finish.Mineral makeup often works well on oily skin, because the dry particles absorb moisture.
If you have combination skin, strategically apply a powder foundation, which allows you to distribute more of the oil-absorbing makeup where you need it and less where you don’t, without leaving visible lines (as a liquid or stick foundation would).


       #1 BOBBY BROWN 
Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation

           This foundation has such potential.Comes with a pump where a little comes out at the time(love that) and i can control the amount i want.Medium coverage.It applies well with my beauty blender sponge,fingers or foundation brush.The look and the texture is ok but i came across one problem.The colours are a little darker.I had a hard time colour matching my skin since i felt like the product oxidised and turn darker within a short time after application and it has quite strong lavender fragrance so some of you might not like it..So make sure to get matched at the counter if you can.
Overall:like the texture and the packaging but the colour maching it´s a turn off.


        #2 ESTEE LAUDER
Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

            Estee Lauder Double Wear one of most high coverage intense foundation out there.The real deal.The packing looks really,really nice,in a nice glass bottle,a bit heavy but it feels nice.The bottle dosen´t look cheap 🙂
Keeps skin looking fabulous and after applying dosen´t change colour,fades or coming off on clothes(love it).Fragrance free.
If you have dry skin like i have i recommend moisturing your face very good before applying this foundation and try to work section by section because it will dry fast.Excellent for oily skin.Best of all it´s that i don´t use primer or any powder,just this.The price is so honestly worth it.
Overall:My absolute favourite foundation ever.Great colour matching,wish with come with pump.

             #3 MAC PRO LONGWEAR

                 Pro longwear comes in a wide variety of shades,including both cool and warm toned shades.Also it is a glass bottle with a pump gives out just the right amount of product,so there is minimal waste.While this is a very fluid foundation,it sets unbelievably fast and you need to work quickly with it.
I find that you need to buff it quickly into your skin other wise it will sit on the top of the skin and look very obvious.
However, if you use a little bit at a time and buff in fast,it gives your skin a flawless finish.
The finish on Pro Longwear, is definitely the best finish of all the Mac foundations.After wearing it for 12+ hours it still looks amazing and I do not use a primer under it.It is neither a dewy or a matte finish, but instead more of a satin finish.I would say it is definitely a buildable medium to full coverage foundation.

Overall:Great packaging,flawless finish,you will be able to put on your makeup in the morning and forget about it. 

I hope that you find the best liquid foundation for yourself using the best foundations chart listed above.Let me know which liquid foundation you tried and whether your liked it or not. Don’t forget in order to get the best results is to start with a clean canvas.Exfoliate,moisturize,prep your face before applying the foundation.


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