May 6, 2017





Believe it or not, cycling through a city is a great way to experience some of its art. Whether it’s a museum, neighborhood or sculpture on the street, there are great opportunities to feed your creative side. And getting there by bicycle means you can get there faster without having to find parking. You can ride from one area to another. When you find something interesting, you can simply dismount and take a closer look.

There is something inexplicably thrilling about using a bicycle to explore a city, its streets pulsating with life. The glass and steel of buildings shimmer with a certain magic, street life seems more vibrant and the smells and sounds of a metropolis at full tilt threaten to overwhelm your senses. When you’re on a bicycle, you can’t help but feel completely alive and immersed in the moment. Instead of merely gazing passively through window glass, you experience and interact with a place in an immediate way.

Cities often construct bike paths to show off the best of the city. Pedaling your way down one of these paths can take you through some of the most notable parts of a city, often complemented by beautiful public art and historic plaques and our pat took us to PARC DE LA CIUTADELLA and ARC DE TRIOMF.


Cities provide fascinating opportunities to explore new cultures and ideas, and what better way to make these new discoveries than by bicycle?


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