Rome´s secret garden

May 19, 2016
Rome´s secret garden


A visit to Rome can be exhausting, given the summer heat, baroque overload, tourist stampedes.
Most visitors at some point end up in the well-known Villa Borghese which is still crowded.
Villa Pamphili is Rome’s other park, where Romans go to run, play and relax, free of tourists.

Villa Pamphili is literally off the map. Most tourist maps of central Rome barely show a tip of the park, just behind the Gianicolo. In fact, Villa Pamphili is walking distance from central Rome, in the Monteverde neighbourhood, a stroll up the hill from Trastevere.
I found that Villa Pamphili is the most romantic place i ever seen.
LIKE MOST THINGS in Rome, Villa Pamphili (officially called Villa Doria Pamphili, sometimes spelled Villa Pamphilj) has a long and illustrious history.

Back when the city of Rome stopped at the Aurelian walls (you will have passed through them at Porta San Pancrazio), the noble Pamphilj family decided they needed a little country house. (The family also had palaces on Piazza Navona and Via del Corso- I guess even back before the days of mass tourism the center of Rome could feel rather crowded.)

A new villa was built and this is the one that still stands today at the heart of Villa Pamphili. Although built when Baroque was very much the flavour du jour, the villa is more Renaissance in style, and is still known as the Casino (but don’t get too excited- there’s no Black Jack or roulette in sight.)

Of course, what use is a country villa if you can’t go for a stroll? The building is surrounded by a ‘secret garden’, manicured grounds, lemon trees, a few follies and a (now defunct) water cave.

Villa Pamphili is now Rome’s largest park but largely overlooked by tourists. True, you can’t visit the Casino (unlike at Villa Borghese) but the park offers Romans and visitors alike some fresh air and open space. The park consists of two parts with a bridge connecting the two halves.
Jogging and cycling are both popular activities. Lazing about, dolce far niente, is too.
Beautiful colorful appearance of parrots, their elegant voices i have no words to describe how peaceful,romantic and beautiful this place is,you must see Villa Pamphili garden.

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