January 31, 2017

#redcoat #fireinthewinter

Hey loves.I know Christmas season is over, but one thing that it has left me with is the love for the glorious red colour. Red is definitely a colour that demands attention and there is no easier way to make a style statement and yes this red coat is long.As long as hangovers, or conversations with idiots. Unlike all the above though,is magnificent, and I for one im more than in love with the long coat trend.As much as I adore black, imma have to say when it comes to coats I love any other colour but black. The reason is because I think, with a few exceptions, black coats can be dull, can look dusty, old, and make you bland. BTW I only have one black coat so I know what I’m saying.
Long coats look best in camel, light greys, light neutral colours. A bit oversized, but not slouchy, unless you want to go for that hobo-chic style which is fantastic, wrap-style, or with a belt that you can effortlessly add at the waist.

What do you think my little gorgeous fashion lovers: are you into long coats or you think perhaps they’re way too dramatic?

Let’s talk about it. xoxo


Zara red coat / CHAMPION hoodie / LEVI´S denim / NEW ERA cap  / ADIDAS superstar /

Photography by Gio

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