July 17, 2017


The highlights of this visit include:
-discovering Paris fountains and waterways.
-a visit to “Jardin des Plantes”.
-the tour at the majestic Palais Garnier,opera house.
-everywhere you walked could feel the smell of fresh baked croissants and “pain o chocolate” which was my favourite.
-a stay on Champs Elysees for hours, enjoying a crepes and this is the only way to feel the friendly, warm, unique French atmosphere.

A little suggestion: is that don´t rush on going to visit all the atractions,just take your time and enjoy the vibe of the city.

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I had never visited Paris before and was looking forward to explore somewhere I had never been to and had wanted to go for a long time.

Big busy bustling city,multicultural,boulevards, avenues, monuments, museums, and an abundance of decent cafe-bar-brasseries offering good patisseries! A fascinating experience.We were fortunate to spend 3 days in Paris in the beginning of july.The city is huge, fast, exciting, confusing, covered in grafitti busy, and amazing – all at the same time.After you wander off the main roads you get a better feel for Paris and that makes it much more special. Everything is so surreal, it’s like being taken back in the old times of renaissance -vintage beauty and art.There’s so much history and little side stories about each place–from Versailles, to Eiffel, to lessons in French history!

Romance seems to permeate the city. A walk along the Seine at night. A view of the Eiffel Tower. A view of the city from Sacré Coeur in Montmartre. Or nice romantic dinner in some small side street.

July is the time when Paris see maximum tourist who travel to Paris from around the world but we didn’t experiences being crowded by turists.However mostly it’s a warm day but you cannot predict the weather of Paris in July so if you are traveling to Paris in July you should pack your bag smartly. To assist you more in this task here are few suggestions that can tell you what to pack for a trip to Paris in July.

Pack for all weather: You may not like this idea but this is the fact that you have to accept. July is a rainy season in Paris and you may find a temperature difference of 20 degree in day and night and sometimes you can see this difference in day time also after heavy rain. Predicting weather condition of Paris in July is almost impossible so doing some over packing is not harmful:

Pack cloths that you can layer.
Keep an umbrella or rainy wear with you.
Pack open toe and closed toe shoes.
Pack hat, sun glasses and other sun protection.


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