October 27, 2017

Life comes with many challenges.

The ones that should not scar us are the ones we can take on and take control of.
CANCER is still a word that strikes fear in peoples hearts.In my family history have been numerous cases of breast and ovarian cancer.About two years ago also my mom was fighting ovarian cancer.It runs in our family so we need it to get tested.
So for our peace of mind me and my sister took the test.My sisters was tested negativ for the mutation but the truth is that I carry a faulty gene and based on the statistics that I was given my risk of getting cancer is very different than a person who dosen´t have the mutation.An 80% risk of breast cancer.Even though I don´t have cancer it fells like I´m about to get.It is very scary I admit.The scariest part is the unknown.I won’t sugarcoat it,preparing for and recovering from a double mastectomy surgery and immediate reconstruction is difficult.

Once I knew this is my reality, I´ve decided to be proactive and minimise the risk as much as I could and I have decided to undergo a preventative double mastectomy and after age of 35 removing the ovaries.
It is very scary, very overwhelming,just that feeling that I am going to get it is outweighing everything else.I don´t want to live with the shadow.I cried because I was unsure of how I would find the strength to deal with it and who I would be when it was over.But the moment my tears stopped, I went into action mode. I already knew the choice I wanted to make.I wanted to reduce my risk of cancer any way I could.I have a beautiful family and life—and I want to push cancer as far away as I possibly can.

The decision to have surgery without having cancer isn’t easy, but it seemes logical to me.Probably I will never be okay with the fact that I have to cut off my body parts in order to have a “normal” risk of cancer. I will, however, always be incredibly grateful that I know about my gene mutation and that I have the ability to make choices that have increased my chances of never hearing the words, “You have cancer.”

The BRCA1 is a gene that everyone has.The way that this gene functions is that it maintains our DNA´s stability,it protects us against cancer.

If there is a change in that gene or a mutation the person looses the protection against cancer and therefor is predisposed.
Women who carry this mutation have doctor say is about 65% risk of developing breast cancer.That is a high risk.Men can get breast cancer as well.

Instead of amputating my breasts, people advise me, I could eat better and exercise more. I should hold off on the preventive surgeries because a cure for cancer might only be a few years away. Besides, why worry about breast cancer when I could get hit by a bus or die in a car accident?

It didn’t sway critics when I informed them that hereditary breast and ovarian cancer meant my lifetime risk for breast cancer was up to 80 percent and for ovarian cancer, up to 60 percent. Over her lifetime, a woman in the general population has a 13 percent risk for breast cancer and a 1.5 percent risk for ovarian cancer. In all honesty, I had trouble understanding what those numbers meant. What made me take action like Angelina Jolie (and countless others) was that I had glimpsed my future, and I saw misery. I wanted to spare myself this suffering.

I know I have a the better deal—with the genetic information, I can prevent cancer rather than wait to treat it.I could have tried to eat my way to a cancer-free life, but I´m afraid diet may not be enough to protect BRCA patients from cancer.We need more research.I’d say go have the surgery, and eat a plant-based diet after.

What would you do if you had an 80% chances of winning a million dollars? Would you place that bet?

It is been one year since i get tested,one year of realising what life is and isn’t about, being able to explore who I am and what defines me.One year of feeling unconditional love and support.

On a personal note I will not feel less of a woman.I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity. #NoLessAWoman


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