July 18, 2017

When I was young, up to the age of about 5 years old, my family lived in the city in a small neighbourhood.I remember when my parents took me for the first time at a botanical garden and the public parc that was on the other side of the city which seemed for me a very far place.Was a huge garden, filled with lots of tall trees, flowers a place adored by squirrels.Remember when my father was handing me nuts to feed them but because i was so scared of those furry little things as soon as i was approached by them i was running scared for my life.

“The colorful blooms…the rustle of wind through the branches …the sweet fragrance in the air…”



The warmth, and particularly the orchids at the front door, calmed and comforted me.Orchids deserve a place where they can be displayed in their full splendour. The very design of these orchids is, one could say, ‘hand-crafted’ by the Gardens’ horticultural staff, dedicated to bringing out the finest in any hybrid cross.

Over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids on display, the splendour of these gorgeous blooms is absolutely a sight to behold at the National Orchid Garden.

Then I came to value its purpose and understood what was surroundingstress reliever and since then i promised to try to visit all the botanical garden on every city i go.You can see it also in my travel posts.

Sometimes a garden is more than just a garden.
Visiting the botanical garden lead to stress relief and relaxation and the value of improved quality of life.You should definitely try it out and more often !


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