July 6, 2017

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Whether attending a concert, listening to the radio, or singing in the shower, there’s something about music that can fill us with emotion, from joy to sadness.Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t.Why music can inspire such strong feelings and bind us so tightly to other people?

Ed Large, a music psychologist, agrees that music releases powerful emotions. His studies look at how variations in the dynamics of music—slowing down or speeding up of rhythm, or softer and louder sounds within a piece, for example—resonate in the brain, affecting one’s enjoyment and emotional response.

“Musical rhythms can directly affect your brain rhythms, and brain rhythms are responsible for how you feel at any given moment,” says Large.

Music works in much the same way language works—using a combination of sound and dynamic variations to impart a certain understanding in the listener.

“If I’m a performer and you’re a listener, and what I’m playing really moves you, I’ve basically synchronized your brain rhythm with mine,” says Large. “That’s how I communicate with you.”

Music has many different meanings, but there are certain reasons why I love music. This is a list of the reasons why I love music. Since I enjoy music very much and listen to music quiet often, I thought ‘why not make a hub about it?’ My list of personal thoughts and opinions which i wanna share with you.

1.Music not only changes our mood, but it also changes the way we think and our perception about world.
2.Music helps me escape from the reality i live in.
3.Music is the voice of the soul.
4.Music is a Language That is Always Understood.
5.Music can be one of the best motivators.

 We all know the festival season is about the music, but also the fashion is our favorite part .Once we’ve secured tickets to your favorite acts we get our looks together.So this is my first festival look.

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