March 7, 2017

Women have definitely more choices than men do when it comes to fashion.That is true the more you think about it the more you will acknowledge the truth behind this.Yes we are talking about bomber jacket that till now were considered masculine gear that had a practical purpose but today we can see women wearing this and creating street styles that has people actually stop and stare.The best part about street style looks is that they are seemingly effortless and often are effortless.I weared this jacket a few weeks ago while travelling to Kuweit and i can tell you i received lots of compliments from the male side.

This classic piece of men’s clothing has remained at the forefront of fashion for decades and isn’t about to go anywhere.Although Alpha are famous for producing a whole range of military style jackets for men, the MA1 flight jacket is unique in many specific ways. The features of the Alpha bomber jacket include:

-Knit collar and waistband.
-Nylon water resistant coating.
-Iconic arm pocket with ‘Remove Before Flight’ keychain tag.
-Two button closure hand pockets.
-Zipper up middle front.
These jackets will be the most durable jackets that you will find on the market, as the sturdiness of these jackets will become instantly noticable when you put them on. Well built, and oozing quality in both appearance and finish, comfortable and warm they are cool enough to be worn on any occasion.

Since it was born in the 60s, Alpha Industries have kept the design of the MA1 bomber jacket more or less the same. The expression, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, comes to mind when you think about the classic design of this jacket.

Alpha Industries, great jackets designed for the great outdoors to combat the most extreme of weather conditions. And because at the start Alpha Industries was launched with the US Department of Defence recruited this jacket making brand to redesign it’s military jackets. And because the contacts demanded it each jacket was labelled with the Alpha name. And as the company started way back in 1959, it has been through many severe weathers to get their jackets up to perfection in 2014/2015.

The good thing about an MA1 is its versatility. As with a lot of men’s outerwear fashion, you want to be able to wear it with lots of different outfits. Saying that, it’s a statement piece for the wardrobe. To what makes MA-1 jacket so unique, is the inner lining feature which was originally designed to help search parties spot lost pilots or servicemen. The bright luminous orange colour of the jacket lining would make the pilots easy to spot in dark conditions. Helpful then, but for now, a major statement for your wardrobe.

Despite green having traditional fame, MA1 jackets originally came in blue and navy colourways. However, after the Korean war began, Alpha Industries began producing the jackets in green. Although green is a classic alpha MA-1 bomber jacket colour, dark blue or navy is actually the traditional colour of the MA1.

What i wore:

ALPHA INDUSTRIES bomber jacket / CHAMPION hoodie / RALPH LAUREN jeans / ADIDAS STAN SMITH / MANGO yellow aviator sunglasses /

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