August 18, 2016

It was a sleepless night for me,i was packing our stuff for the trip that we didn´t plan.Bought the night before just 2 flight tickets to Zakynthos.
First thing packed was the sun block cream since i got this allergy i can´t lay in the sun without it,along with my bathing suits.
Packed just a few items cause my goal was to spend most of the time at the beach and explore what the island has to offer.

Jet lagged after 4hours flight and a sleepless night with the most craziest landing i ever experienced,our adventure has began.
The only thing i wanted it was something to keep me awake all day and that was going to happen only if i drink that freddo espresso.
Hooped on a taxi ride to unknown destination because we didn’t book a hotel so we asked the taxi driver to take us to the center were we can find a place to stay.Was a short ride for about 7 km that cost us 10 euro.
If you get there ask the airport about how much the taxi driver will charge you and make sure you let the driver know about the price.They might charge you a lot more if you seem naive to him.

I leaved before in Greece for about 3 years so i think i learned how the things go down there.
We got to the center,the heat was unbearable,35 degrees so we went to a coffee place got that ice cold coffee and the guy was kind enough to keep an eye on our luggage cause i wasn´t about to carry those things all over the place.
We start asking locals were we could find a place to stay for at least a night.We went to about 6 hotels to ask if there is anything available but everything was booked and i start loosing hope.Somehow we asked at another hotel if they have a room and they told us that they have one just for 2 days.We had to take it because it was too hot and no energy left to search anywhere else,we were tired and wanted to take a shower and get some energy back.

Lucky the hotel wasn’t far at all from the place we left our luggage.After all this we went out to explore the center,to eat a greek salad and find out what places we could see and do.My advise is book your hotel before you go there because prices can get sky high for some places don´t worth the money.
Anyways i made big plans when i came here,i wanted to go to that famous island that always appears in google search when looking for Zakynthos ( it is called SHIPWRECK island ) to drive a four-wheel and to explore it like i never did before.
Here is a new look that i wore in our first day.
I will come back with some more blog posts about this island-where to go,what to do and a list of the best islands.













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